Meg is having nightmares – the same one only worse each time. She tries to stop them and finds herself once more in danger in another space and time.

Meg & Sue flee school Halloween party only to find themselves in a sinister wood and fleeing now for their lives from a dark witch queen.

Book 9 from Tales of Gom in the Legends of Ulm.

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Book 8 from Tales of Gom in the Legends of Ulm

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Book 7 from Tales of Gom in the Legends of Ulm

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Book 6 from Tales of Gom in the Legends of Ulm

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Book 5 from Tales of Gom in the Legends of Ulm

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Book 4 from Tales of Gom in the Legends of Ulm

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Book 3 from Tales of Gom in the Legends of Ulm

Book 2 from Tales of Gom in the Legends of Ulm

Book 1 from Tales of Gom in the Legends of Ulm

A few weeks ago, a friend suggested that I read my books aloud on the web. Seemed a good idea, and here we are, opening up my space–June 8th–for the first time. Starting with the 9-book Gom series, which begins with Gom on Windy Mountain, the chapters will be posted serially Mondays and Thursdays, together with great bonuses at the appropriate time: graphics, mp3 songs, song sheets, and text notes, all for easy download, then archi...

Chapter 9 pt-i – Collidescope
Bookreadings , Collidescope / June 18, 2018

Central Park is not natural but man-made by by order of the rich at the expense of the poor – a reason in keeping with a theme of this book. Thanks to the internet, there are many sources for its history. I offer this link for quick referral:

Chapter 8 pt-iii – Collidescope
Bookreadings , Collidescope / June 14, 2018

Sky-Fire-Trail needed a place, the farthest he could go, where he could stop, get his breath, and think what next to do…. Even as he began to picture the place, the stone sparked, and the marsh began to fade. “No! Sky-Fire-Trail—no!” Hahn-Spirit grabbed for him. But Sky-Fire-Trail had disappeared.

Chapter 8 – pt-i – Collidescope
Bookreadings , Collidescope / June 7, 2018

All at once there came a terrifying crackling as of a forest fire raging about them. The calamity?…he almost broke free and ran….Sky-Fire-Trail took a deep breath. Was he not a brave? A brave feared nothing. He blew the fear from his body and held on.

Chapter 7-ii – Collidescope
Bookreadings , Collidescope / June 4, 2018

(Sky-Fire-Trail) turned about to see a whole pile of stones heaped on a tray half-out of one wall…. He was just taking one up between finger and thumb, when the air beside him swirled and wavered…. A mist cloud formed, and out of it a voice cried: “Don’t touch those stones!”

Chapter 7-i – Collidescope
Bookreadings , Collidescope / May 31, 2018

So whatever is to happen to our people, only I can prevent it….And now you will tell me what is the calamity, and what I must do…. “I regret I cannot help, young brave. As I said, I’m no spirit. And prophecy is not my calling.”

Chapter 6-ii – Collidescope
Bookreadings , Collidescope / May 28, 2018

(Hahn) scanned the data banks for what would happen if things ran on unchecked—and cried out in dismay. In order to avoid harm by taking life, he’d pulled back…to this empty waste. But in spite of that, unless he, Hahn, could prevent it, this boy was going to die!

Chapter 6-i – Collidescope
Bookreadings , Collidescope / May 24, 2018

“People can be so rotten,” Frankie muttered, stomping up the front path…. (She) hit the top landing, and pushed through into her bedroom. There, she locked her door, threw herself onto the bed, and turned on her radio full blast.

Chapter 5-i – Collidescope
Bookreadings , Collidescope / May 17, 2018

Somehow, the (interact alarm) warned, the crash had affected this planet’s space/time continuum…. Hahn clapped his hands to his head. He was damaged, the ship was damaged, a former ally hunted him down—and on top of that he’d broken one of ISPYC’s cardinal rules!

Chapter-4-ii – Collidescope
Bookreadings , Collidescope / May 14, 2018

Frankie looked down at the village…a motley jumble of painted plaster, dried twigs, and lumps of mud-covered styrofoam. A made-up thing, by people who claimed to know so much about a past so distant that who was going to challenge them? “How do you know all this?” she demanded suspiciously “Prove it!” “Francesca!” Frankie glared back. “He wasn’t there,” she said. “Nobody was.”

Chapter 3 – Collidescope
Bookreadings , Collidescope / May 7, 2018

Just then, there came from that tipi a loud and urgent sound, followed by a second, not as loud, maybe, yet more commanding in its urgency: a hoarse and vital human noise—a newborn child’s first cry.

Chapter 2-pt ii – Collidescope
Bookreadings , Collidescope / May 3, 2018

Frankie … turned once more to wondering what was on her mother’s mind. Whatever it was, it was big. And, of this Frankie was certain, whatever it was, she was just about to find it out…. Life’s Little Ironies: low fantasy has a foot in the real world. Any flaw in that reality undermines the other. I checked meticulously every aspect of the book’s real life setting. After publication, the Museum of the American India...

Chapter 1 – Collidescope
Bookreadings , Collidescope / April 26, 2018

There came a sudden tremendous impact. A flash of light, a deafening hiss of steam. And humans? Hahn wondered urgently, as his head smacked the floor. Were there humans still? Bonus Item: full series theme music

Prologue – Collidescope
Bookreadings , Collidescope / April 23, 2018

Emerging from the dark side of Pluto, the tiny alien ship flashed silver in the light of the distant sun. Across the egg-shaped vessel’s prow were stencilled neat, red symbols … In English, they might read: Intergalactic Society for Planetary Conservation H.A.H.N Patrol Scout Class IX/Pod #6

Chapter 25 – Out of the Dark World
Bookreadings , Out of the Dark World / April 19, 2018

She looked back through the star curtain towards the Dark World. This was where she’d first seen Gavin. And now they had come to the parting of the ways. Thank you all for listening to the book. I hope that you enjoyed it. Next Monday, April 23rd marks the beginning of the 12th book in my podcast series. Collidescope was the first book to win the Texas Lone Star Award for Young Adult books:

Chapter 23 – Out of the Dark World
Bookreadings , Out of the Dark World / April 12, 2018

She looked over to Gavin’s last rod just as he reached it. She’d beaten him by a hair. Had she beaten the Salleman? Bonus Items: 1. Audio clip from theme music depicting Dark World and Meg’s run around the Dome. 2. Diagram comparing Meg’s run with Gavin’s