Monday August 27th will feature the author’s comments on the Meg and Sue series, with special focus on The Lost Legend. There will be a review by The Pockets on Thursday August 30th. Podcasts begin with Chapter One on Monday, September 3rd.

Chapter 17 pt ii – Collidescope

Thursday’s post carries the Epilogue. On Monday, August 27, I shall post an introduction to The Lost Legend, book 3 of the Meg & Sue trilogy, when it will be released as an Amazon Kindle book. The following Thursday, August 30th, will feature a review of the book by The Pockets’ Corner.

Chapter 16 pt i – Collidescope

Pain rushed in, for Frankie, for Sky-Fire-Trail. For this small, evolving world. And for himself. Is this what humans felt when they said their hearts were breaking? If so, how did they bear it?…Hahn almost wished himself back the way he used to be.

Chapter 15 pt iii – Collidescope

Sky-Fire-Trail sat quite still, listening to the sounds in the woods, to the wind from over the lake, the three-note call of the loon over the calm water. Voice of the spirits. He relaxed, let the peace wash through him, and the warm, slow rhythm of the afternoon.

Chapter 15 pt i – Collidescope

“The land is good. The lake churns with fish, and up among the hills is rich hunting ground. . . . Where does it lie from my home?” Sky-Fire-Trail Apologies for missed post for Thursday 26th. My net was down for several days.

Chapter 11 pt-ii- Collidescope

“Oh,” she said at last, in a low voice. “To restore things, to put things back the way they were in Sky-Fire-Trail’s time, would mean no settlers from over the oceans, no colonies, and so no U.S.A. I guess in that case I wouldn’t be here.”

Chapter 11 pt-i- Collidescope

(Hahn’s) blue eyes looked troubled. “I have started to malfunction in the most disturbing way.” “Oh, Hahn I’m sorry. What is it? You losing memory or something?” Hahn shook his head. “It’s worse….”

Chapter 10 pt-i – Collidescope

“ You … crossed paths with me, and with Sky-Fire-Trail; that is, we all three met together—collided—at a single point in space and time.” “That’s no big deal. I mean people are always bumping into one another. It’s certainly nothing to get so upset about.”

Chapter 9 pt-i – Collidescope

Central Park is not natural but man-made by by order of the rich at the expense of the poor – a reason in keeping with a theme of this book. Thanks to the internet, there are many sources for its history. I offer this link for quick referral: https://www.ny.com/articles/centralpark.html

Chapter 8 pt-iii – Collidescope

Sky-Fire-Trail needed a place, the farthest he could go, where he could stop, get his breath, and think what next to do…. Even as he began to picture the place, the stone sparked, and the marsh began to fade. “No! Sky-Fire-Trail—no!” Hahn-Spirit grabbed for him. But Sky-Fire-Trail had disappeared.