Gerrad’s Quest – Chapter 20

“My wife and son wish me to let you speak before you go below. Have you anything to say?” “Since you ask, milord. I have.” “Well, then, speak,” Leochtor said. “But I warn you that nothing you say can change the outcome.”

Gerrad’s Quest – Chapter 15

Now Leth pulled his knife and ran at the woman, striking her in the arm. As the blade pierced her flesh, she let forth a loud cry and hurling herslef against the window pane, shattered the glass. Then before Nasidda’s astonished eyes she turned to mist and streamed out through the gap. map inset showing Burdick’s Ford and general location of Gremla’s lair

Gerrad’s Quest – Chapter 11

[Essie] was gone but a moment before she came scurrying back upstairs red-faced and flustered. “As if things aren’t bad enough there are redcoats coming. Lord Lugen’s just received a ransom note and there’s a warrant out for Leth!”

Gerrad’s Quest – Chapter 10

“Listen: I’m going after Master Gerrad . . . Tell Essie to get you four good men and bring them to the old smokehouses, they’ll know the way. Come quick and quiet, for Master Gerrad’s sake,” Carrick warned, then raced away. Comments on Gerrad’s Quest from a Young Reader

Gerrad’s Quest – Chapter 04

Maybe, he thought drowsily, he’d take the boy some food and clothing. The idea of going back, of meeting the boy again pleased and excited him. Another grand adventure, yes! “Whatever Leth says, I’ll find a way.”

Gerrad’s Quest – Chapter 02

Suddenly, a tall youth burst through from behind and snatched the purse from the man’s hands. . . . “Help, my purse!” the man cried. . . . Gerrad glanced back. The thief was getting away. He ought to follow him but what about Leth? Oh! Oh! What to do? What would Gom do? Gerrad took off pell-mell down the cobbled slope.