The Crystal Stair – Chapter 14

“The Fourth Realm boils with hate and blood feud among the ruling houses. If we can’t stop them, then Karlvod will have the gate, and move one closer to Bayon.” “And Ulm.” “Yes.” Chapter Bonus: Gom’s Waly Loon : Audio FIle, Music Sheet 1/2, Music Sheet 2/2

The Crystal Stair – Chapter 12

But that’s the beauty of the song—nobody exactly knows. Only that Hershel went out into the mist and came back all changed.” Chapter Bonus: Jolly FIsherman: Shanty Music Sheets Part one, Part two and Audio File The Melancholy Ballad of Hershel the Young Fisherman & His Love Poll Music Sheet and Audio File

The Crystal Stair – Chapter 10

They’ve ever been, and remain a fierce folk, quick to take offense . . . What else? Their powers are great . . . they see things the ordinary man cannot, their gift of prophecy is legendary, and beware of one who can look into your heart . .

The Crystal Stair – Chapter 09

“Sorry, Gom Gobblechuck.” Thrulvar was laughing openly. “You’re coming with us.” “Where!” Gom cried, “and why!” As if he hadn’t guessed. Thrulvar gestured to the company, who as one bowed gravely from the waist. “To the camp where our leader sits. You see, we’re Yul Kinta, and our chief is Lord Urolf.”

The Crystal Stair – Chapter 02

Chapter introduction by Michael Brevalan, a young reader. “Tell me,” she said. “I want to know about your brothers and sisters. . . . Gom looked at her, surprised. “You don’t know?” “How can I, with me here and them there, Gom? Wizards are only people. We can’t be everywhere, see everything.”

The Crystal Stair – Chapter 1

  Introduction by Anya Eleni, a young reader Gom pictured her returning to this lonely place. . . She must have felt such a loss to have done that. . . . He seized up his staff and held it out. “Father made this just before he died. Take it.” Harga . . . ran her thin brown fingers over it . . . “Keep it,” she said. “It will make a fine wizard’s staff one day.”