Chapter 43 – The Stargate of Lantyn

Lucky the few who tread these ways / And dwell within these bounds; Where cool bough shades the sun’s bright rays / And rushing stream resounds. Thus with glad song to Harga’s lake / We take the forest’s course, On Harga’s isle new lives to make / For boy, and hawk, and horse! Gom’s song of the Dunderfosse. Bonus Item: Image of Gom and Wycan standing under the Prime Tamarith Thanks to all who gave time and effort throughout the series, especially to Anya, Michael, and Caidren for their input, to Briony for her staunch support, and to Josua who started me along this wonderful road. Monday sees the beginning of ‘On All Hallows’ Eve’: the adventure continues!

Chapter 42 – The Stargate of Lantyn

As the fire struck, The Spohr let fly a howl of rage. Then turning, it entered the gate. “No!” Gom sprang forward, seized the monster’s arm and pulled but it was too strong. He passed into the gate with it. There came a brilliant flash, then darkness, then a burst of blinding quiet. Keke’s voice by Anya Eleni Thursday marks end of the Gom series: 3 years, 9 books. And next? On All Hallows’ Eve, just in time for the season!

Chapter 41 – The Stargate of Lantyn

The monster vanished, the Harga form stayed fixed upon him. Locked into her gaze, Gom felt a brief stab of urgency. A thought sprang, clear, into his mind. The thought became three words, uttered aloud. The voice was his own. Up to me. Keke’s voice by Anya Eleni Bonus items: Image of the Kithyweird taken from the back cover of the Feral Press, Inc. edition. Note on the name Kithyweird

Chapter 33 – The Stargate of Lantyn

“Once (Vedastra) found that there were people, why didn’t he just undo the deadlock spell?” “There’s no spell. . . . It’s a string of crystals, feyer,* whose power runs counter to regular ones. . . . They pop up in the Tamarith from time to time, singly, widely scattered, thus harmless. Only when they are conjoined in a certain sequence and that sequence is completed—set—do they form a deadly string of negative power. . . .” * pronounced fie-yuh as in the narration.

Chapter 27 – The Stargate of Lantyn

“Kurnyn? . . . My brother? . . . Alive, you say?” “And in urgent need. It’s life and death and you’re his only hope.” “What does he need?” “That you come to us within the hour . . . ” Anja shook her head. . . . “We are seven days from you . . .” Seven days! Gom looked at her, stricken. “Unless—” Anja’s eyes went to his chest. “Do you still have the starstone?”

Chapter 25- The Stargate of Lantyn

Gom . . . leaned in close. “We have to warn Kurnyn that it’s trap,” he whispered. “Will Karlvod’s people raid the bunker?” “It’s possible.” “Can you reach him alamar?” “There’s no time. I must help Harga.” “Do you know how?” “Not yet. Wycan, go to Kurnyn—now!”