The Starstone – Chapter 24

Anja dialogue narrated by Anya Eleni “You don’t understand,” he cried. “You cannot practise magery without the Hierarchy’s consent. Without their official scroll I’ll be hounded from one end of Ulm to the other!”

The Starstone – Chapter 23

Keke and Anja voices narrated by Anya Eleni Gom knelt, looking down at the still, warlike figure, recalling how he had cupped its image in his hands, this figure and all it represented. His life’s campanion. . . . This grim, gruff warrior had saved him . . . had it cost the man his life? Gom grasped the helmet with its pale green crest and carefully lifted it off.

The Starstone – Chapter 21

Keke’s voice narrated by Anya Eleni He stood gratefully, feeling the strength of the man’s arm. . . . “How,” Gom began. Oh, shall we sit in the mud and have a reckoning? The warrior’s plumes bobbed in the wind. Look behind you!

The Starstone – Chapter 20

Keke’s voice narrated by Anya Eleni Gom rammed in his staff as far as it would go, and pushed upwards. The Bung shifted—not much, but perhaps enough. Gom slung his staff again, and, seizing the Bung with both hands once more, he pulled.

The Starstone – Chapter 18

“If only someone could get down there and pull the plug before the battle—there might not be one after all.” . . . “Gom the risk is so great. I could not let you.” . . . “Sounds simple enough.” “Simple—and impossible.” “Yet I would try,” he said. Chapter Bonus: Vala’s Diagram of Sundborg

The Starstone – Chapter 16

Keke’s voice narrated by Anya Eleni Stormfleet reared his head. “Remember what happened the last time you took a ride in someone else’s food cart?” “Why, yes.” Gom looked back, grinning. “I bumped into a horse!”

The Starstone – Chapter 15

Keke’s voice narrated by Anya Eleni “Gom: Harga must go at once to Sundor, find the Seal and bring it out. If she doesn’t, the blood of the Lakes will stain that stinking fen but there’ll be no victory.”

The Starstone – Chapter 14

Keke’s voice narrated by Anya Eleni “Kurnyn.” He said the name aloud. Then he set his feet, and clasped his hands, of a sudden, ardent mind to call this Kurnyn out. Chapter Bonus: Map of Seven Star Realms Listing their Rulers

The Starstone – Chapter 13

Keke’s voice narrated by Anya Eleni So long ago his vision had tried to warn him: the sealstone was still lit, and the kundalara watched by Katak’s flooded cave—but the Spohr was no longer there! Chapter Bonuses: Gom’s Jaunty Round “Lucky the Few” – music sheet & lyrics; plus round table discussion with our 3 Young Readers

The Starstone – Chapter 12

Keke’s voice narrated by Anya Eleni Gom stepped forward. “Harga’s son greets you on this fine autumn day. I would go to my mother’s house, if you’d lead me, and my three good friends.” Slowly, carefully, he turned the ring three times sunwise. For a while, nothing seemed to happen, then, with a soft rustle, the vine curtain parted slightly, revealing a dark and narrow path beyond. Chapter Bonus: Gom’s Jaunty Round – text & music sheet; Ulm Map, & Round Table Discussion on First 4 Books by our Young Readers.

The Starstone – Chapter 11

Keke’s text narrated by Anya Eleni . . . and I’ll bet that’s how magic was made in the beginning; through things bumping together by chance. And I’ll bet it happens in my mother’s workshop all the time. That’s why she’s the greatest wizard in all Ulm and Folgan is not . . . His private journal: Folgan had pulled it out and read it from cover to cover. Chapter Bonus: Map of Ulm based on one that Carrick gave to Gom  

The Starstone – Chapter 10

Keke’s text narrated by Anya Eleni “No good comes for those who fear.” (Vala) held him out at arm’s length. “But it might not signify as ill as you think, Master Gom. The bowl works in subtle ways.”

The Starstone – Chapter 9 Keke’s text narrated by Anya Eleni The image vanished, and, released, Gom snatched his hands from the bowl . . . Reggia had been right! . . . Long as he lived—as clearly as it was meant to be—his only love would ever be a battlefield and war! Chapter Bonus: Map of Ulm based on one that Carrick gave to Gom; Wedding Song – text, music sheet, & mp3

The Starstone – Chapter 7

Keke’s dialogue narrated by Anya Eleni He was just drifting off, when someone poked him in the ribs. “Are you Folgan’s apprentice?” Gom came bolt upright on his cot. “I am.” The servant jerked his thumb. “He’s hollerin for you, and by the looks on his face, I’d say you’d best get goin, quick!”

The Starstone – Chapter 5

Keke’s dialogue read by Anya Eleni “Keke!” … Gom lifted her between his hands. She felt limp and heavy as death. “Keke?” On her right leg something glistened. . . . It was a band, a silver band, and on it was inscribed a human skull.