Chapter 19 – The Lost Legend

Recap of Upcoming Events: October 31st – Fire of The Pockets’ Corner gives review of On All Hallows’ Eve. November 5th –The Lost Legend Epilogue. November 8th – Preview by The Pockets’ Corner of The Chimes of Alyafaleyn. There will be no Thursday reading this week.

Chapter 18 – The Lost Legend

Notice: Next Monday, October 29th, marks the final chapter of the book. Wednesday, October 31st – Halloween – Firemetal of the Pockets Corner will present a timely review of book 1 in the series, On All Hallows’ Eve. There will be no regular Thursday podcast. The following Monday will feature the epilogue to The Lost Legend, . After that, I begin reading The Chimes of Alyafaleyn, possibly preceded by an introduction by the Pockets Corner.

Chapter 17 – The Lost Legend

Gareth spoke up. “I’m still not clear. The guy I carried from the inn—he was there. The other called him Sir Gawain. I’m no scholar … but wasn’t that one of the Round Table knights?” Gavin snorted. “Yeah, Dad,” he said. “And our founding father.” Bonus Item: My sketch of Castle Deeping.

Chapter 16 – The Lost Legend

(Gran) “Tomorrow morning Olwen and I have business in town. After lunch we all meet again around this table. I trust you will all find something to do—and not too far this time, okay?” “Don’t worry, Gran,” Meg said.”we’re done.” What more could there be?

Chapters 13 & 14 – The Lost Legend

In the middle of the bare stone floor had sprung a lick of flame. Before she could move, it swelled, surging to the cavern roof. There came a sound as from a furnace, swamping Meg’s ears in a terrifying roar. Bonus Item: map giving relative positions of main places in story.

Chapter 12 – The Lost Legend

Having researched the proper Welsh words to use in direct quotes, I thought my task was done. I never expected to have to say them. Hurrah for Google! As for what the words mean, here is the text and translation. Pwy ydyth chi? –Who are you? Beth ydych chi’n ei wneud yma? — What are you doing here? Mordred fydd yn talu – Mordred will pay.

Chapter 9 – The Lost Legend

“Watch out, guys,” she warned. This thing could snap up pretty smartly.” As it had in The Gory Keep. They duly backed off and braced themselves. Meg reached up and pulled again. The hatch sank, some, into the floor then, with a jarring screech, slid aside to reveal a flight of steps leading down. Bonus item: Chart showing relative positions of 3 places in the story. SPOILER WARNING: do not open until there is an obvious prompt.

Chapter 8 – The Lost Legend

“Gavin?” “I can’t do this.” Silence for quite a minute. “Okay,” Meg said. “I’ll do it for you. One minute it was all there, and the next . . . ” She looked to Sue. “It was gone and you were looking at a mansion.”

Chapter 7 – The Lost Legend

“You are right, Sue. I’m always jumping to conclusions then regretting it afterwards.” When would she ever learn? “Isn’t it odd,” she added, “how things can shift in such a short time?” There was no reply. Sue was gone.

Chapter 6 – The Lost Legend

… the sky darkened and the air took on the eerie light that rides the edge of a thunderstorm. “Purkinje shift,” Sue cried. “And us out here!” “Perkenjy-what?” “Rods and cones,” Sue said. “It all looks greenish but it isn’t.” Green like in the horror movies. Meg felt an old familiar shiver. Something was about to happen, she just knew it, and it wasn’t good. Bonus item: View of Inn from top of hill

Chapter 5 – The Lost Legend

“Hey, Gavin, Gran’s telling us a tale … about a castle near here.” (Sue) Gavin pulled up. “Castle?” He came back to the table. “Something weird happened in it…” “Like, what?” “There was a storm … and right in the middle of it the windows broke and stuff started flying through midair …” Gavin pulled out his chair and sat. Bonus Item: Chess

Chapter 4 – The Lost Legend

Out on the porch, Sue was gazing up at letters carved over the doors. “Gran, what does ‘Ryferthwy’ mean?” “Um, a big storm, tempest. A cataclysm.” She started down the steps. “Oh, my word,” said Mother. “How would a house get a name like that?” If Gran heard, she didn’t answer. Bonus item:Ryferthwy House

Chapter 3 – The Lost Legend

The kitchen door smacked back against the wall, wind and rain burst into the room. A figure stood in the doorway, clothes stuck to its body, rats tails plastered to its head. As they stood, it tottered forward to lie face down on the flagstones. But in the glow from the stove Meg had seen: Gavin. Bonus item: Source of the Storm over Castle Deeping

Chapter 2 – The Lost Legend

(Gran) set down her mug. “I was saying,” she added as Mother hurried back in, “The tale is possibly about Gavin’s namesake. I’d had a mind he’d like to hear it and since he’s not here you’ll have to bring him up to speed as soon as you can. Now—shall I begin?” Bonus item: Picture of Gran’s stove

Chapter 1 – The Lost Legend

Meg couldn’t understand it. Gran was wise and sensible. So why was she letting (Gavin) loose like that? Coming in at all hours, up to goodness knows what? And what if one day he didn’t come in at all? Sighing, she turned on her heels and climbed back to bed. Bonus item: Barmouth Train Station circa 1988 Music for The Lost Legend composed and played by Michael Roberts-Tsoukkas Bonus material: Ancient Rubato played in full.