Chapter 20 – On All Hallows’ Eve

All at once, it came to her. And having chosen, she willed and willed until she felt herself growing taller, taller, and shining with a terrible light. She pulled herself up, her eyes wide, her hands filling with power, ancient power drawn from a world even before Samana’s time. Monday 22nd sees the beginning of Out of the Dark World, the sequel to On All Hallows’ Eve and the 11th podcast book. Hope to see you here then!

Chapter 13 – On All Hallows’ Eve

Faster, the witch queen whirled, and faster, until, suddenly, she turned and ran up to the slab. Even she did not touch it, but, leaning over, she raised the skull on high. Note: the full version of the Halloween theme music is in Chapters ! and 2. Apologies to subscribers for non-delivery of chapters 10 and 12. Mailchimp went AWOL!

Chapter 5 – On All Hallows’ Eve

Somehow…they were back in the ruined cottage. The old sick feeling returned at the stench in that place. Yet the warmth in her belly remained. “Oh, well,” she said. Kenny’s voice came in answer. “Wilson? Wilson? I hear you. Watch out—here I come!”

Chapter 2 – On All Hallows’ Eve

“Hey! Hey—you! Wilson!” Kenny’s voice was angry. She did not look back. She made herself walk with dignity to the corner of the school building, where, once out of sight, she hoisted her Red Riding Hood skirts and ran. Bonus items repeated from Chapter 1: Frontispiece showing Meg & Sue on their way to the school party. Map of area showing locations of the school, their home, and the Halloween Wood.