Chapter 25 – Out of the Dark World

She looked back through the star curtain towards the Dark World. This was where she’d first seen Gavin. And now they had come to the parting of the ways. Thank you all for listening to the book. I hope that you enjoyed it. Next Monday, April 23rd marks the beginning of the 12th book in my podcast series. Collidescope was the first book to win the Texas Lone Star Award for Young Adult books:

Chapter 16- Out of the Dark World

She backed towards the curtain, the feel of his skin still chill on her fingertips. She looked around the cubicle … at the tiny white space filled with the cold music of mechanical breath and pulse. “Tonight,” she whispered, and left. Special acknowledgments to Pam Hoar, Edith Marvell, and Howard Smallowitz of the Presbyterian Hospital for their help in my researches. Bonus item: notes on background for chapter.

Chapter 15 Out of the Dark World

She had a brief, wild idea that maybe the computer man was somehow onto her. That this man was … delivering to her a ticket to … where? Meg looked down. “Fifty cents off at Harry’s Diner,” the paper said in thick black letters. Somebody had printed underneath in leaky pen, “Judge not lest ye be judged” and “Peace be to all brothers and sisters, amen.”

Chapter 14 pt-ii – Out of the Dark World

“Twenty eighty-four?” Sue shook her head. “If that’s a command I haven’t heard of it, Meg.” …. Meg stood, snatched up her violin and music case. It wasn’t anything to do with computers at all! “It’s time, Sue, don’t you see? Gavin’s in the Dark World, and the Dark World is a computer. And it’s running almost one hundred years from now—in 2084!”

Chapter 10 – Out of the Dark World

With a powerful thrust of its haunches, the horse leapt and the next minute it, the Fay and Meg were flying forward into the air. Audio vs Printed Page: While both are great formats, sometimes something is lost. In this chapter, there is a play on ‘straight’ and ‘strait.’ The Fay accuses Peter of being ‘strait,’ meaning narrow in his vision. He in turn declares real truth to be ‘straight’, meaning clear and direct. Homophones, sounding the same, but very different in meaning! Bonus item: audio clip as in chapter 9 depicting action down in Meg’s lab

Chapter 9 – Out of the Dark World

Peter suddenly grunted and straightened up, hastily crossing himself. “You’d better look now,” he said. “She’s full to view.” Meg lowered her hands. “Good gracious!” she cried softly and got to her feet. Bonus Item: The Lab – clip from Out of the Dark World music depicting events in Chapters 9 and 10.