Chapter 27 -i – The Chimes of Alyafaleyn

This week ends the Chimes readings. March 4th begins Child of the Air. Pyra is an egg-shaped world divided by an equatorial belt of barren mesas wrapped in mist and swept by firestorms. One mesa holds life: a small community ignorant of a world beyond their mesa. Siblings Myl and Brev are sentenced to die by fire for rising into the air. On the brink of the first seasonal firestorm they escape their cage and flee into the void.

Chapter 14 – The Chimes of Alyafaleyn

(Tamborel) let himself go now, holding the faleyn effortlessly, allowing it to wash through him. Forgiven was their bickering. Forgotten was the quarrel with his pappa and the badness that would still be there when he got home. All the pain, the spite, the wretchedness was gone to ashes, and anything was possible from now on.