Chapter 24 pt.ii – Child of the Air

… “Until we pinpoint your zone within the greater region, it’s useless to discuss whether you may go or no.” …”But when we do, sir—could we—would you let us go then?” Wurthen smiled. “You are most persistent, young lady. Let us say this: find the way to your mesa, and we’ll talk again.”

Chapter 24 – part i – Child of the Air

Note: While hearing the books read should should prove an enrichment, the absence of text can prove confusing at times, especially in the case of homonyms. In this chapter, for instance, both law and lore are mentioned together. I cite this passage to make the distinction clear: “… if you choose to be a Courier-Diplomat, there are the rules of law and protocol. Or, if you would be Loremaster, you must know by heart the Annals of the Realms, together with the Pyran Chronicles of Myth and Mystery….”

Chapter 22 – Child of the Air

… Mylanfyndra laid the horm on the table, profile up. “Who was she?” Althya eyed her keenly. “I think you know.” “It was our mother.” Mylanfyndra shivered. “Mother!” “Indeed, Brevan.” Eothelwyn spoke up. “Breialynda, she was called. Athlynder-skyrr of the sixth and highest order.”

Chapter 20 – Child of the Air

“May I—the pouch, please?” Yoleyna held out her hand. Mylanfyndra folded her arms over her apron protectively. Yoleyna smiled. “It is quite safe, child. Here, see.” She pulled down her shawl, revealing a golden collar just like Mylanfyndra’s, its amber throat clasp alight with inner flame. “My thruyl,” she said. Bonus item: image of Yoleyna’s thruyl.

Chapter 13 – Child of the Air

Brevan’s quiet voice cut across her dreamy state. “Myl.” Mylanfyndra opened her eyes. Brevan, pointing down. “Brevan?” Face-to-face they were, indeed—and floating light as stoneflower seed thirty feet above the doft! 3 Bonus items: firebird before and after, Fos’s stake

Chapter 11 – Child of the Air

“Grandpa.” Nothing—nothing could have prepared Mylanfyndra for this! The old man laid out, arms folded across his chest, his face, his whole body swathed from head to toe, ready for the Sending. Bonus item: The Grandpa Knoll note: all bonuses are items from the printed book.