Chapter 11 – Friends in Time

Maybe after a night’s sleep, Abigail won’t be so mad. Maybe in the morning she’ll remember the good times, and how nice I was, and she’ll change her mind. Maybe . . . Note: Emma’s text on the mirror is shown in the book. Her last appeal is a crude drawing of the heart halves unlinked.

Chapter 5 – Friends in Time

… “What’s the story about, Emma?” “Oh … There’s this olden-day kid called Alice who steps through a mirror into…” Emma faltered. “Into a strange world where nothing goes the way … it … should.” “Oh, Emma.” Note: High fantasy is set in a mythical world; low fantasy is set in this one. Some books are a combination of both.

Chapter 3 – Friends in Time

… “Abigail, what year is this?” “Year?” Abigail frowned. “Eighteen forty-six, everyone knows that.” Emma shook her head. “When the lightning flashed, our times criss-crossed and now you’re here—in nineteen ninety-five!”