Chapter 15 – And the Meek

Over five years ago, certain friends suggested that I ought to make readings of my books.
I obliged readily, without stopping to think just what this would entail. Now, 21 books, 571 episodes and almost 6 years later, I am done, at least as far as Chetwin’s Space is concerned.

To you who have helped along the way – you have already been thanked over and over: Yosua, who designed and built this space to make the readings possible; Briony, who supported the effort in so many ways; Anya, Michael, and Caidren, to Rem, Fire, and Jul – the Pockets who added to the listening experience with their reviews and round table discussions. So much love and support went into all this – I am one of the luckiest people I know.

And you listeners who have checked in faithfully throughout the years – I hope that you have enjoyed the sharing as much as I. Oh, and stay tuned – I am asked to write the fourth Meg & Sue book and who knows? If and when it is done it is sure to find its place in here, so Mailchimp might once again come knocking on your door!

NOTES: I am extending my readings into Anchor/fm, Spotify and other platforms for all pcs and mobile apps. ( etc.
In addition, I have begun a secondary podspot – Chetwin’s Backroom – to house all my adult novels, beginning with The Final Inheritance which is just ending in here. (I am right now loading the Atheling chapters in there.) Another thanks to Yosua – Yosua Wisnu, web designer, Chromavise. for designing and building those new sites.
Lastly, to round off this endeavour, I end with the ATM intro in full. I hope you listen and enjoy!

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